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PCB Assembly

Materials applications for PCB assembly in Tablets/ Smartphones

PCB assembly for consumer products: In the present, smartphones/tablets with thin thickness will become mainstream. It means that PCBs in

Solder materials for PCBs assembly

Solder Materials in general  Solder materials in joining components in PCBs play a crucial role in lower cost and increase

Circuit Board – Total Solution

Are you looking for a professional and one-stop solution provider for your Circuit Board Produce Line?  1. Module Sealant Printed

5G Smart E-Vehicle Solutions

Indispensable Specialty Material and Manufacturing Solution for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Prostech is here to be an internal part

Cleaning and Degreasing

Eco-Friendly and Safety Flux remover materials

  Features product: Eco-dFluxer SMT200( Techspray 1520G), Flux-off Rosin( ES135) Proper use of a flux is very important in the

Thermal Management

What are typical applications to produce a Smart Speaker?

Smart Speakers or Intelligent Loudspeakers are fitted with a voice assistant and have a wide range of useful capabilities. Possible

5G Smart E-Vehicle Solutions

Indispensable Specialty Material and Manufacturing Solution for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Prostech is here to be an internal part

General Thermal Interface Material TIMs

Thermal interface material or TIM can be defined as any material that is applied between the interfaces of two components

Thermal Management for 5G Smartphone

 The 5G market is expanding rapidly, with the first installations already being demonstrated. At the handset level, 5G smartphones are

Elastometric Solution

What is Busbars and How it benefits EV Battery Modules?

WHAT IS BUSBAR? Battery is the heart of an Electric Vehicle. However, it is the battery that comprises the most

Increase productivity with Foam-In-Place Adhesive for Appliance Assembly

FOAMABLE ADHESIVE USED IN INSULATIVE FOAMING PROCESS FOR REFRIGERATOR Nowadays, Foam-in-place adhesive system is used widely in a range of

Low Pressure Molding

Low Pressure Molding – GLUMO Solution

Customizable LPM System meets your specific demand Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective: LPM Machine – LPM

General Assembly

Materials for House / IR Filter/ Lens bonding in Camera Modules

House / IR Filter/ Lens bonding are among the basic applications of camera modules assembly.    House bonding Different adhesive

Adhesive materials for Lens to Barrels bonding in Camera Modules

The barrel is an important component in the phone camera lens,it includes the chassis that supports the various lens elements

How to choose the right materials for FBC reinforcement in camera modules

FBC reinforcement is one of the most important applications to ensure the long life of camera modules. Materials for this

Adhesive materials for Active Alignment application in Camera Modules

Assembly of camera modules require a high degree of accuracy to ensure the rising demand for better display quality. One

2K Dispensing System

Electric Motors – Total Solutions to optimize reliability and production cost

Electric motors, through technological advancements, are becoming smaller and more efficient, creating new challenges for manufacturers using these devices in

Automated Potting and Encapsulating System

Potting or encapsulating is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with usually a thermosetting compound (as epoxy, silicone,

Pros Technology Total Dispensing Solutions

PROS TECHNOLOGY TOTAL DISPENSING SOLUTIONS – DISPENSING SYSTEM Adhesive precise control is closely related to our lives together with continuous

Robot integrated dispensing system

  TAD 101 vs Mini Robot 2205   It uses the principle of inserting air into the liquid surface, to precisely

Single Component Dispensing System

Automated Dispensing System Construction for Single Part Liquid

Productivity and Efficiency are the two keywords that many industrial manufacturers are pursuing. Automated Dispensing System is designed to prove

Gantry Robot and its benefits for Gluing Application

Gluing Application including dispensing, sealing, gasketing, potting, coating, and all other dispensing tasks related to liquid and specialty materials as

Arm Robot for Gluing Application

All about dispensing, sealing, potting, and coating adhesive with an arm robot Arm Robot (or called robotic arm) is a

What is the Desktop Automated Dispensing System?

A desktop automated dispensing system is designed to provide computer signal-controlled dispensing. The ability to connect your robot to a

Surface Treatment

Types of Surface Treatment in Adhesive Industry

In the production process, some errors often occur when bonding surfaces such as joints do not achieve maximum bond strength,

Plasma Surface Treatment of Electronic Appliances

1. Conformal Coating Pretreatment Conformal Coating is nowadays known as the effective method for protecting Printed Circuit Board from adsorption

How to increase surface energy and bonding plastic product?

As we all know, the Low Surface Materials like Plastic (Polypropylene, Polyethylene), Teflon, and other thermoplastic polyolefins are hard to



EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding solution in Electronic Devices

  Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, 5G Devices, Light-weight Electronic Devices.     With the increasing number of wireless devices, designers

Electrically Conductive Adhesive

  What is Electrically Conductive Adhesive? Electrically Conductive Adhesive is used for high-reliability applications such as electronics, automotive, medical, and

What is EMI and why manufacturers should care?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a disruption from an external/ internal source. It specifically impacts an electrical circuit via either induction,

Liquid Media Curing

UV Curing System


Temporary Masking

Screen Printing Temporary Solder Masks Solution

Chemtronics Chemask temporary spot solder masks are usually applied by hand in benchtop masking operations. For large scale production operations,

Masking solution

  Many processes, such as conformal coating and wave soldering, demand the protections and masking of the PCB, the specific

PCB Protecting

Materials for Underfill and Encapsulation for PCB assembly

Underfill Underfills can be used to help reinforce electronic components and minimize stress. They also offer excellent protection of solder

5G Smart E-Vehicle Solutions

Indispensable Specialty Material and Manufacturing Solution for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Prostech is here to be an internal part

Protecting your PCB – Advantage of using light-cure conformal coatings

PROTECTING YOUR PCB Advantage of using light-cure conformal coatings 1.Easy, Instant Application      – No heat, mixing, surface preparation

Printed circuit board protection

Our product line of circuit board protection materials, such as: conformal coating, low pressure molding,  sealant potting, and encapsulant material

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