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General Assembly

Magnet bonding adhesives

E-motor everywhere. Bonding magnet everywhere Electric motors appear everywhere. Over 2 billion motor are produced every year for the automotive

Why PUR hotmelt is superior to traditional hotmelt?

When it comes to hotmelt adhesive, the first thing that comes to our mind is hot stick glue. They are

How to prevent blooming issue of Instant Adhesive or Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

The cause and the nature of blooming in CA adhesive Cyanoacrylates (CAs) are commonly known as instant adhesive or super

Adhesive for Speaker Assembly- Frame/Basket Bonding

Assembly a speaker The loudspeaker we use today has been around for a long time since the start of electronic

Potting - Encapsulating

potting washing machine

PCB Thermal Potting for Washing Machine

Currently, in electrical devices, there is a trend towards lighter, smaller, and less costly components that help to save space

What is impregnating process and impregnating resin?

Impregnation is the process of closing and sealing the voids between wires in a component such as an electric drive

Essential guide to Potting and Encapsulating Materials and Equipments

Why Potting and Encapsulating help to increase manufacturing productivity and to save cost? Potting is always known as a simple

Potting Compound – How to choose the right one?

Potting Compound is the most important element that takes a tremendous effect on the performance of the potting layer. According

Conformal Coating Solution

UV Conformal Coating & Special Use in Automotive Industry

Conformal coating for PCB protection Newly manufactured and cleaned printed circuit boards will generally perform well electrically, but performance will quickly

Conformal coating adhesive – Important properties when choosing suitable conformal coating materials

An ideal circuit board with a protective coating shell contains certain properties like high thermal and chemical resistance, excellent electrical

Popular Conformal Coating Manufacturers & Some Recommended Part Number

With the strong growth of technology, PCBs are used in most industries. They have more and more advanced functions and

Conformal Coating Process – How to make perfect Conformal Coating Layer

Despite the Benefits of Conformal Coating, it cannot be denied that Conformal Coating is not a simple process. Understanding the

Thermal Management

Thermal Interface Materials- TIMs basic guideline and their efficiency for PCB thermal management

Why is Thermal Management so crucial in Electronic packaging? Up to 55% of failures on electronic circuit boards are caused

Uncured Properties of Thermally Conductive Gap Filler (TGF) and Selection Guide

How to choose the TGFs with the right Uncured Properties for industrial applications? In the last topic, PROSTECH generally talks

Thermally Conductive Gap Filler (TGF) Selection Guide

How to choose the right Thermally Conductive Gap Filler in the various options? Nowadays, the demands and use of thermal

Thermally Conductive Gap Filler (TGF) Solutions

Easy to dispense and maintain TIMs, beyond good thermal conductivity and reducing trouble air gaps features. What are Thermally Conductive

2K Meter-mixing and Dispensing System

Basic Guide to Two Part (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System

What is Two-part (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System? Two-part Meter-mixing and Dispensing System (MMD system) is the heart of automating

How does Two-component (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System work?

There are many different metering and dispensing systems available today, which all satisfy the needs of different types of tasks.

How to dispense Two-Component Liquid?

Depending on liquid types, expected productivity and production cost, manufacturers should consider different methods to dispense two-component liquid (adhesive, solder,

Some common errors when using a 2K Meter-mix (Dispensing) Sytem

2K mixing system or 2K Meter-Mix are used a lot in applications involving bonding, filling, or potting/ encapsulating. During the

Single Component Dispensing System

Dispensing Solution for Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as CAs (or cyanos, super glue, rapidly curing adhesive), are highly effective at bonding many types

Pressure Pump for High Viscosity Adhesive – GLT P20

Air bubble and wasting remaining material at the end of container are two popular problems when manually feeding high viscosity

Automated Dispensing System Construction for Single Part Liquid

Productivity and Efficiency are the two keywords that many industrial manufacturers are pursuing. Automated Dispensing System is designed to prove

Gantry Robot and its benefits for Gluing Application

Gluing Application including dispensing, sealing, gasketing, potting, coating, and all other dispensing tasks related to liquid and specialty materials as

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solution

The trick to winning the future is seeking the advantage of technology

Immerse changing after COVID-19/ Everything changed Like most industries, warehouse management and intralogistics face the immerse changing after covid 19.

What is Underriding Mobile Robot?

Characterized by its lifting mechanism, RZU (Latent or Underriding Mobile Robot) has an optimized motion performance and enhanced safety protection.

Software Platform for AGVs

Platform Architecture The core of AGV software platform architecture is the iWMS 1000 (Intelligent Warehouse Management System) and the RCS

How to deal with picking errors in shipping caused by laborers

Several studies show that out of all the warehouse processes, order picking accounts for the highest portion of operating costs,

Liquid Media Curing

UV Curing System


EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding Materials and Mechanisms

Owing to the increasing use of electronic equipment, the shielding of other instruments and of human beings from electromagnetic waves

EMI Gaskets-Optimize EMI Shielding Effectiveness.

What are EMI gaskets? As discussed in the previous article, EMI Shielding materials are used to protect electronic circuits from

EMI shielding for better PCBs performance

  Why EMI shielding?  1. Definition  With the increasing number of wireless devices, designers are challenged with various electromagnetic waves

EMI Shielding solution in Electronic Devices

  Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, 5G Devices, Light-weight Electronic Devices.     With the increasing number of wireless devices, designers

Temporary Masking

Which is the best temporary masking material?

What are temporary masking materials or solder masks ?  Temporary masking materials are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace,

Temporary masking for PCB manufacturing process and more

Temporary masking material is required when you need to protect PCB, plated thru-holes, contacts, pins, posts, terminals, and gold fingers

Screen Printing Temporary Solder Masks Solution

Chemtronics Chemask temporary spot solder masks are usually applied by hand in benchtop masking operations. For large scale production operations,

Masking solution

  Many processes, such as conformal coating and wave soldering, demand the protections and masking of the PCB, the specific

Surface Treatment

Types of Surface Treatment in Adhesive Industry

In the production process, some errors often occur when bonding surfaces such as joints do not achieve maximum bond strength,

How to increase surface energy and bonding plastic product?

As we all know, the Low Surface Materials like Plastic (Polypropylene, Polyethylene), Teflon, and other thermoplastic polyolefins are hard to

Low surface energy trend solutions to different surface bonding


Benefits of using Plasma in Surface Treatment Process

Plasma with its unique technology has been playing a more and more important role during the fabrication of products in

Low Pressure Molding

Overview of Low Pressure Molding for Cables, PCB and USBs

Low Pressure Molding is a method of creating a plastic cover that protects electronic circuit boards, wires, USBs or other

GM G110 – Low Pressure Molding Gun Holder

GM G110 is formed to decrease the burden in operating GM G100 Gun. With solid and smart design, G100 Gun

GM D100 – Desktop Low Pressure Molding Machine

GM D100 is one of bench-top low-pressure molding machine providing the user with flexibility, excellent quality, and durability. With a

GM D200 – Desktop Low Pressure Molding Machine

GM D200 is a robust bench-top low-pressure molding machine providing users with flexibility, excellent quality, and durability. D200 is known

Cleaning and Degreasing

Methods of PCB cleaning in general assembly

PCB flux removal can either happen at the benchtop, which generally requires a manual cleaning method. This is common for

QbE2 Cleaning Platforms

QbE® Cleaning Platforms offer a more complete removal of microscopic contaminants, without the chance of damage to the optical fiber

Eco-Friendly and Safety Flux remover materials

  Features product: Eco-dFluxer SMT200( Techspray 1520G), Flux-off Rosin( ES135) Proper use of a flux is very important in the

Elastometric Solution


Automation System

Robot integrated dispensing system

  TAD 101 vs Mini Robot 2205   It uses the principle of inserting air into the liquid surface, to precisely

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