Through many years of development, the speaker is currently indispensable equipment in human life from entertaining purposes to working purposes. Despite the increasing emergence of wireless (smart and Bluetooth) speakers, traditional one with its stability is used widely in markets of developing countries.

We can find speakers in every field of modern life: active loudspeakers, portable & smart speakers (consumer electronics), computer/ automotive speaker systems, headphones, conference speakers (as online meetings are preferred), and so on.

Generally speaking, the potential of the speaker is endless and, of course, competitive.

In addition to designing an outstanding product, efficient production is crucial for a speaker manufacturer to stay ahead of its competitors. Specialty materials, manufacturing solutions, and continuous innovation play important roles in this, but the potential they offer for increasing productivity has yet to be fully realized.

Hover on point to see details of innovative specialty materials and manufacturing solutions.

Useful Information

Adhesive for Speaker Assembly- Frame/Basket Bonding

Assembly a speaker The loudspeaker we use today has been around for a long time since the start of electronic

Pole Piece to Magnet to Top Plate – Speaker Assembly

The three essential components bonded in the magnet assembly are the magnet itself (most commonly ceramic ferrite rings) and either

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