Potting is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a liquid polymer compound which then harden to protect and improve reliability of this assembly. When such materials are used only on the components, it is referred to as encapsulation. The performance of potting depends on two elements:

The Ultimate Protective Layer

Potting compounds help solve numerous problems within the manufacturing and assembly of electronics products. The following are some of the benefits of potting:

Electrical Insulation

Enhanced Mechanical Strength

Heat Dissipation

Chemical protection

Corrosion protection

Environmentally Friendly

There are many kinds of potting compound but we could summarize in 3 typical with their performance as following: Epoxy Potting Compound, Silicone Potting Compound and Polyurethane Potting Compound. See more here.

Performance Comparison of Silicones, Urethanes and Epoxys in Flexibility and Mechanical Strength

Comparision of Temperature Resistance of Silicone, Urethane and Epoxy

Potting System

Nowadays, no one can deny the importance of automation in manufacturing industries, especially the high-productivity industry as electronics. To help manufacturers get rid of tedious, time-consuming, and health-hazardous manual processes, PROSTECH provides our customers with a professional Electronics Potting System with various customizable options and services.

Single-part Adhesive Potting System

Two-part Compound Potting System

Vacuum Potting System

As an automated dispensing system is a medium to large investment, it is essential to consider carefully multiple elements to come to the final decision. PROSTECH is here to help. Contact us if you have any requirements regarding this application.

Potting in Every Industry

Protective potting layers benefit various manufacturing industries including electronics, equipment involving electronic components, or even filter and electrical plug & cable industries. Whatever your industry is, contact us for more detailed information.

Electronics Potting

Besides printed circuit board PCB, there are many electronics components must be protected during operating such as transformers, coils, drivers, power supply units, chargers, motors and so on. Specific potting compound and system would be used to meet your demand.

Plug and Cable Potting

Even the tiniest gaps in plug housings, connectors, and power supply units can be filled by potting masses. Potting materials for plugs and cables are flexible, highly water-resistant, mechanically stable, and tear-resistant.

LED Potting

Transparent or opaque potting systems protect LEDs from water, dust, and other atmospheric influences, enabling effective encapsulation as well as optimal light scattering for spotlight. Additionally, our mixing and dosing system for LED potting avoids air bubbles and smears making optimal protection possible.

Filter Potting

Potting compounds are used to join end-caps of various kinds of filters, as well as for gluing and sealing filters to the filter frame. This provides a leakage-free sealing of the frames and allows for the filtering of clean air. Foamed potting for bonding the filter medium into the filter frame enables cost and weight reductions, also meeting the high-quality requirements.

Aquarium Water Pump

Aquarium Water Pump usually works in extreme environment: water, vibration and chemical (oil). As a result, potting compounds are designed to provide extremely low water absorption, good chemical resistance, and exceptional thermal conductivity.

Automotive Electronics

Electrical potting compounds are commonly used within the automotive industry, and with the rise of electric vehicles, they are increasingly important in both conventional automotive electronics and as part of ADAS systems. In particular, polyacrylate electronics potting materials deliver the ideal set of characteristics for use in sensors and other components regularly exposed to oil and grease.

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