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Các loại vật liệu hàn mạch điện tử

MỤC LỤC 1 Cuộn dây hàn mạch điện tử – Solder Wire 2 Thanh thiếc hàn mạch điện tử –

Some common errors when using a 2K Meter-mix (Dispensing) Sytem

Adhesive does not cureCongestion of adhesiveAdhesive dispensing in the wrong position 2K mixing system or 2K Meter-Mix are used a

Optimize production costs without affecting product quality?

Reduce or cut off materials that go beyond standard requirementsLocalization of supply chains“Same need, same solution”Switching into larger size of

What are typical applications to produce a Smart Speaker?

1. Cover Assembly2. PCB Total SolutionPCB AssemblyPCB Protection3. Thermally Conductive Management4. Tweeter/ Sub-woofer Assembly Material Solutions Smart Speakers or Intelligent



is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation

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