Metalex 6-8 Oct 2022 – PROSTECH with Automation Solutions at booth D25-27-29

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Lead-free Soldering Material with Perfect Strength

An innovation solutionWith perfect strength – improved 60% comparing to SAC 305Advantages of the SJM series at a glanceThe alloy

NEPCON HANOI 14-16/9/2022 x PROSTECH at Booth of G05

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PROSTECH x VIMF DANANG 2022 at Booth of 73

VIMF Da Nang OverviewPROSTECH show-up solution rangePROSTECH Booth LocationVIMF Pre-register VIMF Da Nang Overview VIMF 2022 is an international industrial


Thermal Impedance

Thermal Impedance is a property of a particular assembly measured by the ratio of the temperature difference between two surfaces

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity is the time rate of heat flow through a unit area producing a unit temperature difference across a

Phát quang – Fluorescen

Lớp vật liệu sẽ phát ra ánh sáng sau khi hấp thụ ánh sáng từ nguồn khác hoặc nhận được


is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation