As demand for high-performance semiconductors increases, the semiconductor market is paying more attention to the importance of packaging technology. This technology will strengthen the competitiveness of the semiconductor industry and the electronics industry.

And semiconductor packaging material is at the core of responsive, reliable, robust electronic functionality. Supporting most stages of semiconductor packaging, from die attach the epoxy adhesive to tape carriers for packaging and transporting protection, Prostech provides you with cutting-edge materials technology, and technical support as a part of your team.

Prostech is confident our solution can enable your innovation ambitions toward thinner wafers, decreasing footprints, finer pitches, package integration 3D designs, wafer-level technology and high-volume production economies of scale, and so on.

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Semiconductor Packaging Process


Useful Information

Die preparation

What is die preparation? Die preparation is the procedure used to separate the wafer into individual dice to prepare it

Wire Bonding

Manufacturing and reliability challenges There are multiple challenges when it comes to wire bond manufacturing and reliability. These challenges tend

Chip Molding in Semiconductor

Challenges Solutions Liquid encapsulants Encapsulants are the last piece of the IC package and serve to protect the conductor and

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