Robot integrated dispensing system


TAD 101 vs Mini Robot 2205


It uses the principle of inserting air into the liquid surface, to precisely control output by selecting time, pressure, needle size where the minimum level is 0.0001cc. Robot integrated system provide fully automatic dispense process.


High performance controller TAD 200S.

•High quality with the functions: minimal  amount dispensing control, high-speed  work, and automatic dispensing and automatic stop by the interval work.

•Vacuum control stops liquid from  flowing after dispensing finishes.

•Varied output functions facilitate  automation and interface.

•The digital timer displayed on LED in  manual mode makes it easy to set time.

•Memory the values for dispensing until  you set the values again.



Mini robot BT2205

•With the development of new dispenser exclusive operation method, users are simply able to operate in short period.

•Various dispenser exclusive functions are mounted which are needed for dispensing processes.

•The robot is guaranteed reasonable price, high efficiency than ever





Applied materials

Silicone, UV resin, Cream solder, Silver paste, Epoxy, Bond etc.

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