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Các loại vật liệu hàn mạch điện tử

MỤC LỤC 1 Cuộn dây hàn mạch điện tử – Solder Wire 2 Thanh thiếc hàn mạch điện tử –

Some common errors when using a 2K Meter-mix (Dispensing) Sytem

2K mixing system or 2K Meter-Mix are used a lot in applications involving bonding, filling, or potting/ encapsulating. During the

Optimize production costs without affecting product quality?

The Covid-19 pandemic took place around the world, supply chains were severely affected, the prices of materials escalated, putting great

What are typical applications to produce a Smart Speaker?

Smart Speakers or Intelligent Loudspeakers are fitted with a voice assistant and have a wide range of useful capabilities. Possible

5G Smart E-Vehicle Solutions

Indispensable Specialty Material and Manufacturing Solution for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Prostech is here to be an internal part

Advanced Bonding Solutions for every industry

In today’s world, successful new products demand advancements in design, manufacturing processes, and end-use performance. Industrial engineering and design professionals

Thermal Management for 5G Smartphone

 The 5G market is expanding rapidly, with the first installations already being demonstrated. At the handset level, 5G smartphones are


Appliance manufacturers face daily challenges – reducing costs, improving efficiency, and continuing to innovate, to name just a few. While

UV Masking Material for Mobile Phone Refurbish

Temporary masking materials are nowadays used in a lot of processes as anodizing, plating, acid stripping, chemical milling/etching, air plasma

Electric Motors – Total Solutions to optimize reliability and production cost

Electric motors, through technological advancements, are becoming smaller and more efficient, creating new challenges for manufacturers using these devices in

Bonding, Sealing Solutions for Marine Industry

Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance are always key motivators for industry developments. However, apart from the usual manufacturing industry, the marine

UV Adhesive – More than the name implies

UV-curing adhesives have been around for several decades, and their use is widespread, particularly in medical device assembly and the

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