Ideal solution for light-weight devices

Thanks to the thinness of the conformal coating, it causes a minimum increase in the overall volume and size of the PCB. That is also useful for designs that require compact and tight, precise dimensions. Besides, there are number of other benefits:


Protection against the Environment

Low Viscosity

Easy to apply

Different Conformal Coating Chemical for specific demands

There are several options for coating materials, the best option for your particular application depends primarily on your level of necessary protection as well as the operating environment of the final product. General requirements for coating materials are electrical properties; chemical resistance, environmental resistance, and adhesion.

Basic Guideline to make right choice

Our Conformal Coating Solution solve different challenges in different industries

Conformal Coating Applying Method

There are many methods to apply Conformal Coating. The choice will depend on the following variables:

  • Production throughput requirements
  • Board design requirements
  • Equipment requirements
  • Pre-coating processing
  • Quality requirements

Common methods to apply Conformal Coating:

Manual Conformal Coating by Aerosol

Automated spraying

Selective coating

Useful Information

UV Conformal Coating & Special Use in Automotive Industry

Conformal coating for PCB protection Newly manufactured and cleaned printed circuit boards will generally perform well electrically, but performance will quickly

Popular Conformal Coating Manufacturers & Some Recommended Part Number

With the strong growth of technology, PCBs are used in most industries. They have more and more advanced functions and

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