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3M is an international corporation established since 1903, diversified American corporation manufacturing a wide range of products, including abrasives, adhesive tape and related products, and consumer-electronics components.

Pros Technology is an authorized distributor of 3M. We are confident to provide customers with the most effective consultation and appropriate products.



Momentive’s silicone-based adhesives offer excellent adhesion and bond strength to glass, wood, natural and synthetic fiber, painted surfaces, and many plastics and metals. Momentive is part of a legacy that was first to make silicone adhesives available commercially, and it continues today to expand its diverse line of room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicones, silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), and adhesive formulations used in electronics applications.

For the electronics industry, Momentive offers a diverse line of adhesives that can deliver long-term, reliable bonding, and protection for sensitive electronic components. For example, our SilCool* line of thermally conductive silicone adhesives offers high thermal conductivity, thin bond lines, and low thermal resistance for high-performance components.  And for bonding optical displays, our InvisiSil* acrylics and silicones can allow high light transmittance, making displays more readable in direct sunlight and bright ambient lighting conditions. 


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With a professional engineer team having experience in the adhesive industry and variable supplier network, PROSTECH is confident to provide customers with effective bonding solutions to optimize both quality and cost.