Electronic components need to be protected against moisture, dust dirt, vibration, and even temperature. Low Pressure Molding is an advanced method to take charge of this function with a gentle but reliable encapsulation around the electronic assemblies, especially the delicate ones.

Simple Process

Step 01

Input the workpiece into the mold set.

Step 02

Low-Pressure Molding System automatically molds the workpiece.

Step 03

Take out the end-product as the mold is cold-down in seconds afterward.

Excellent Finished Product


Impact and Vibration

Protection against the Environment

Chemical Resistant

Strain Relief

“Green” technology, No VOC & Low Waste

Cost Effective

Weight Reduction

Detailed Application

LPM Contract Manufacturing

PROSTECH offers a unique and wide range of contract manufacturing services. Whether you need help to get started, you require


LPM Tooling

In Low-Pressure Molding Applications, an appropriate Mold Set Design is indispensable. Though any experienced mold maker can manufacture mold sets


Useful Information

Low Pressure Molding – GLUMO Solution

Customizable LPM System meets your specific demand Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective: LPM Machine – LPM

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