3M Novec Alternative Solutions

What is 3M NOVEC Series?

3M Novec is a brand of advanced specialty fluids developed by 3M used for coating, cleaning, and lubrication. They are known as 3M Novec Engineered Fluids are a series of non-conductive, non-flammable, low-viscosity liquids that offer a range of unique properties and applications. Novec fluids offer a wide margin of safety, low GWP, and zero ODP with excellent performance.

Why 3M Novec is phrased-out?

3M Novec replacement products

How can we help to solve the problem?

3M NOVEC Alternative Solution from Experts

Making an official commitment to provide alternative solutions in the next 12 years

Supply and Continually Assess

Guarantee that Coven NP2103, FP2102 supply and monitor its status in accordance with science, law, and reality.

PFAS Free 3M Novec

Create novel NON-PFAS compounds and related blends for environmentally friendly alternatives with comparable or better performance.

Non-PFAS 3M Novec Alternative

Bring replacement with the best-performing NON-PFAS molecule available: NP2103, FP2102

Reusable & recycle PFAS

Reduce, reuse, and regenerate chemicals substances

Why Choosing PROSTECH?

Material Expertise

3M Novec Chemical Formulating

3M Novec Alternative Formulating Partners

3M Novec Replacement Evaluating

3M Novec Alternative Evaluating


Supporting Equipment Experience

3M Novec Coating System

We know which is your right coating system option

3M Novec Cleaning System

and the right cleaning system as well

International Logistics Expertise

Oversea market support

Buy 3M Novec Alternative

Vendor Inventory Management

Inventory Support

To keep your supply chain running smoothly & Save your business money, according to your production forecasting plan, Prostech will have a relevant good stock to support.

Alternative Technical Solutions

Under reluctant circumstances (such as raw materials shortage or international logistic stagnant), Prostech technical team can support you with alternative solutions which are recommended at the early stage we work together.

Useful Information

Key Criterias for choosing 3M Novec Replacements

3M Novec phase-out Considering the increasingly stringent regulations on the use of PFAS compounds, 3M has announced that it will

3M Novec replacements – Drop-in and long-term solution

Why 3M Novec Replacement? The discontinuation of 3M Novec can be attributed to the increased regulatory scrutiny on cleaning solvents.

Discontinue 3M PFAS- How to reduce the impact for Novec users?

3M PFAS phase out and 3M Novec solvent shortages. Across the globle, the supply chain shortages of 3M Novec solvents

What is 3M Novec and why it is phased out?

What is 3M Novec? 3M™ Novec™ is a brand of advanced specialty fluids developed by 3M used for coating, cleaning,

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