Image sensors and camera modules for handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) and advanced markets (automotive, medical, military, …), are constantly evolving, enabling these device manufacturers to differentiate their products. This fast-moving, innovative market consistently demands better and more sophisticated adhesive technologies to help deliver existing and next-generation camera module assembly applications (especially) and image sensors (generally).

Configuration of Compact Camera Module

Applications in Camera Module Assembly

Chip on Board

Die Attach or Die Bonding

Wire Bonding & Encapsulating


Flip-chip side file


IR Filter Bonding

Voice coil motor (VCM) spacer bonding

Stiffener bonding

Lens Module Bonding

Prostech Total Solution

Useful Information

Elastomeric Materials Solutions for ADAS

Material Solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving Sensors Sensors play a key role in advanced driver

FPCB Interconnecting and Bonding Solution

In conjunction with the development of wearable technologies, such as smartphones, AR/ VR glasses, smartwatches, and even interacting clothing, the

Adhesive materials for Lens to Barrels bonding in Camera Modules

The barrel is an important component in the phone camera lens,it includes the chassis that supports the various lens elements

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