2K Meter-mixing and Dispensing System

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Basic Guide to Two Part (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System

What is Two-part (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System? Two-part Meter-mixing and Dispensing System (MMD system) is the heart of automating

How does Two-component (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System work?

There are many different metering and dispensing systems available today, which all satisfy the needs of different types of tasks.

How to dispense Two-Component Liquid?

Depending on liquid types, expected productivity and production cost, manufacturers should consider different methods to dispense two-component liquid (adhesive, solder,

Some common errors when using a 2K Meter-mix (Dispensing) Sytem

2K mixing system or 2K Meter-Mix are used a lot in applications involving bonding, filling, or potting/ encapsulating. During the

Automated Potting and Encapsulating System

Potting or encapsulating is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with usually a thermosetting compound (as epoxy, silicone,

Pros Technology Total Dispensing Solutions

PROS TECHNOLOGY TOTAL DISPENSING SOLUTIONS – DISPENSING SYSTEM Adhesive precise control is closely related to our lives together with continuous

2-Part Adhesive Meter Mix (2K Metermix)

Pros Technology is confident to provide total solutions to Dispensing Systems all over the world with high-quality and reasonable price

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