TAD-104 Dispensing System with Pressure Tank

Product code: TAD-104

Manufacturer: Banseok

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TAD-104 is a semi-automatic dispensing system with a pressure tank and a valve which helps to hold a large amount of material. As a result, it is suitable to dispense a large amount at a time and reduce the number of frequent changing the container.
On the other hand, due to integrated valve TAD-104 could also prevent the materials from dripping in order to save cost.
  • Regulator set
  • Fluid feed tube
  • Pressure tank
  • Dispensing Valve
  • Needle adapter
  • Needle
  • Dispensing Controller TAD-200V


Model TAD-200V
Control Method Electronic/ Pneumatic system
Dispensing pressure

0~10kg/cm² (Standard)

0~4kg/cm² (L: Option)

0~2kg/cm² (P: Option)

Time range 0.01 ~ 99.99 sec
Interval timer 0.01 ~ 3.99 sec
Out signal

Open connector, DC 24V

20mmsec (Relay), 100mmsec (Relay)

Power source  AC220V 50/60Hz (AC100V 50/60Hz: Option)
Power comsumption 32W
External Dimension & Weight 232(W) x 186(D) x 81(H) mm, 2.7kg


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