Automated Potting and Encapsulating System

Potting or encapsulating is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with usually a thermosetting compound (as epoxy, silicone, polyurethane) which provides resistance to shock and vibration, and exclusion of water, moisture or corrosive agents.

Nowadays, potting is day by day developed to become one of the main steps in the fabrication in many industries such as LED modules, LED Lighting, LED Strip, Electronics, Home Appliances, Automotive, or Decorations as well. So what has potting machine been innovated to meet requirements of 4.0 Industry?

A basic potting system would compose of

♦ Supply Pump

♦ Supply Tank with its further components as Agitator, Vacuum Degassing, Sensor, Gauge

♦ Dispensing Robot

♦ Dispensing Valve

Our patented technologies for cost-effective and high-quality potting systems:

1. Supply Pump

The Meter Mix component is always the heart of a fluid control system and it is also the bottleneck restricting the development of the material control equipment industry. Acknowledging this principal, patented technology for our Plunger Pump was invented.

Plunger Pump provides potting system with high precision, variable, uninterrupted and durable manufacturing process that is difficult to achieve in liquid matching applications and become the mainstream standard in the industry.


♦ Capacity of potting high filler, high viscosity, high crystallization, large scale and a large flow of glue sizing

♦ High precision: +/- 2%

♦ Good chemical resistance and durable when exposed to different potting materials – Wide application range

♦ Patented technology for cost-effective manufacturing

2. Smart Potting System

For chasing four development trends of future manufacturing with flexibility, physics to information, individual to group, interconnection manufacturing, each manufacturer has its own strategy and improvement in fabrications, trying to seize the opportunity in the new fourth industrial revolution. Our potting solutions would emerge under this trend to help our customers.

For details, the launch of the core patent “smart gluing” technology is the integration of new sensors, artificial intelligence, embedded industrial computers, vision systems, mobile Internet, big data processing, and other emerging scientific and technological achievements. Implementation of calculation, communication, control, remote coordination, autonomous 5 major functional modules. Promote customers to individual requirements, technological differences, customized production, and digital workshops to achieve intelligent gluing.

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