Non noise small size compressor

Product code: BCOM-28/90

Manufacturer: Banseok

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Shelf Life:

  • Non noise small size compressor supplies air under quiet conditions as the compressor does not make any noise.
  • It is easy to install and move as it is compact and light.
  • Non noise small size compressor makes automatic continuous operation possible with the pressure automatic switch.


  • Non noise small size compressor is used for operating a dispenser which consumes less air.
  • When using air in the laboratory and house.
  • When using noiseless air is required.


Model BCOM-28 BCOM-90
Tank material Iron SUS
Capacity of motor 1/6 HP 3/4 HP
Air product 28L/min 90 L/min
Pressure range 5bar ON / 7bar OFF 5bar ON / 7bar OFF
Air store amount 2.5 L 6L
Dimension (mm) 310(W) X 300(D) X 280(H) 240(W) X 500(D) X 440(H)
Weight 8.4 kg 20 kg

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