Product code: LOCTITE 3609

Manufacturer: Henkel

Package size: 30 ml

Shelf Life:

LOCTITE 3609 is designed for the bonding of surface mounteddevices to printed circuit boards prior to wave soldering. Particularly suited for applications where medium to high dispense speeds, high dot profile, high wet strength and good electrical characteristics are required. LOCTITE 3609 has been used successfully in lead free processes with water and alcohol based fluxes under conditions outlined in the Environmental Resistance section.

Technology Epoxy
Chemical Type Epoxy  
Appearance (uncured) Dark, red viscous gel
Components One component – requires no mixing
Cure Heat cure
Application Surface mount adhesive
Key Substrates SMD components to PCB
Other Application Areas Small parts bonding
Dispense Method Syringe
Dispense Speed Medium 15,000 -25,000 dots/h

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