Everwide JB 334-13 – One Component Epoxy Adhesive

Product code: Everwide JB 334-13

Manufacturer: Everwide

Package size: 30 ml/ 300 ml

Shelf Life: 8 months

JB334-13 is a one-component epoxy adhesive designed for electronic devices bonding. This resin is suited for curing between 100~110oC and exhibits high viscosity and excellent thixotropic. This product can be also controlled flow and have sag resistance. This product offers good handling, chemical resistance, and perfect surface gloss. The durability of this resin is very high levels and this resin can pass many environmental test experiments.


  • This resin offers excellent chemical resistance and solvent resistance.
  • This product has a high thixotropic index. It is able to hold the shape of resin without any failure and deformation.
  • This resin has excellent retention of electrical insulation properties under high humidity conditions.
  • The reactivity of this product is good at the temperature higher than 100oC.
  • This product complies with the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
  • This product complies to chlorine < 900ppm, bromine < 900ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500ppm.
Appearance Liquid
Color Red
Viscosity 25 oC, S14 10rpm, cps  > 230,000
Thixotropic Index > 7

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