Dymax Curing Conveyor UVCS SideCure UV

Product code: Dymax SideCure

Manufacturer: Dymax

Package size: 1 unit/box

Shelf Life: 1 year warranty

Dymax UVCS SideCure UV curing conveyors configured with UV curing lamps on the left, right, and/or top offer consistent, fast, and safe UV curing from both the top and/or the sides. These conveyors are designed for 180° curing of UV curable adhesives, UV curable coatings, and UV curable inks. These conveyors can be outfitted with either standard metal halide (longwave), mercury (shortwave), or visible bulbs.


  • Consistent UV curing on the left, right, and/or top – allows for 180° UV curing
  • Optical encoder-controlled speed indicator provides for accurate and consistent exposure time
  • Can be configured to house 1 to 8 UV curing lamps – versatile and scalable
  • Configured with high-intensity 5000-EC lamps which provide 225 mW/cm2 for fast UV curing
  • Adjustable side lamps (3″ to 6″ from belt center)
  • 12″ belt and 7.5″ vertical clearance allows for curing of large parts
  • Small, four-foot-long, bench-top size minimizes the footprint required for UV curing
  • Integral cooling and vacuum hold-down
  • 1 to 27 fpm
  • Complete UV shielding
  • Bench-top conveyor (cart optional)
Maximum UVA Intensity
(320-395 nm)1
200 mW/cm2
Line Speed 1 to 27 fpm
Width of Illuminated Area from the Top 6″ or 12″ (depending on the number and orientation of the 5000-EC UV lamps)
Voltage Lamp(s) – 90V to 260V
Conveyor – 120V or 220/230V
Maximum Parts Height 7″
Overall Dimensions 51″ L x 30″ W x 21.5″ H
(130 cm x 76 cm x 55 cm)
Part Numbers:
SideCure Conveyor with
TWO Side-Lamp Openings
(Lamps are sold separately)
39767 (120V)
39766 (220-230V)
SideCure Conveyor with
FOUR Side-Lamp Openings
(Lamps are sold separately)
39939 (120V)
39941 (220-230V)
SideCure 5000-EC UV Curing Lamps
(Lamps sold separately from conveyor)
39798** (90-264V)
Bulb Life 2,000+ hours with less than 20% degradation (typical)
Replacement Bulbs 38560 Metal Halide (Standard)
36970 Mercury (Optional)*
36658 Visible†

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