ARLON Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes

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ARLON® and MOX-Tape® silicone tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber. They bond irreversibly to provide an insulative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone, and corona over a wide temperature range -54°C up to +204°C (-65°F up to +400°F). These products provide superior electrical insulation with a dielectric strength of 300 VPM minimum at 180°C (356°F).


ARLON and MOX Tape Fiberglass Reinforced Tape

These self-fusing silicone tapes incorporate a sinusoidal fiberglass fabric that gives a controlled elongation and increased tear resistance. 15% and 25% controlled elongation fabrics are available.

ARLON and Mox Tape Rectangular Tape

Rectangular tape is of uniform thickness and is ideal for applications where a smooth, even layer of tape is not required.

ARLON and Mox-Tape Triangular Tape

The triangular tapes have a tapered edge and a colored guideline along the apex which makes wrapping with a 50% overlap simple and repeatable. These tapes are ideal for applications requiring a smooth, even layer of tape.


  • No Adhesive: Chemically bonds to itself at room temperature within 24 hours
  • Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other substrates or surfaces
  • Removes cleanly and easily
  • Insulates with a single wrap reducing labor time and cost
  • Resists moisture, oxygen and ozone to ensure continuous high insulation values
  • Available in flame retardant options with UL-V0 rated compound
  • Resists heat, mechanical shock, corona and dampens vibration
  • Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms
  • All tapes are protected by a special interleaved liner



  • Wire Harness and Bundling Wrap
  • Emergency Pipe and Hose Repair
  • Pipe Identification
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Coolant Line Repairs
  • Traction and Protection for Rollers


  • Insulation for Splicing and Terminating Wire
  • and Cable
  • Coil Insulation in Motors
  • Insulating and Sealing of Electrical Connections
  • Motor Connection Wrapping
  • Cable Management
  • Weatherproofing

Extreme Environments

  • Space and Aviation
  • Heated Transfer Lines
  • Radioactive Environments
  • Riggings and Power Systems in Marine
  • Underwater

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