3M™ Low Outgassing Tape 6670

Product code: 6670

Manufacturer: 3M

Package size: 0.75" x 110yds

Shelf Life: 18 months


3M™ Low Outgassing Tape 6670 is low tack, polyester backed product with exceptional chemical purity and clean removability from most substrates. The adhesive is a unique chemistry that is neither rubber, silicone, nor acrylate based. The release liner is a premium release, low silicone film liner. The adhesion and chemical performance characteristics of 3M™ Low Outgassing Tape 6670 combine to make this a desirable construction for temporary holding, sealing, masking, and protective applications for sensitive materials and processes for which high chemical purity is a valued attribute.


  • In process masking of chemically sensitive materials.
  • Temporary holding of chemically sensitive parts during manufacture.
  • Protection of chemically sensitive materials during manufacture or transportation.
  • Masking applications that require UV transparency.
  • Cleanroom applications requiring very low outgassing.


Property Values Unit
Adhesion to Steel 2.8  N/dm
Tensile Strength 807.7  N/dm
Elongation @ Break 192 %
Tensile Force @ 10% 424.0 N/dm
Temperature Use Range Up to 120 °C
Up to 248 °F
Shelf Life 18 months

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