3M™ High Temperature Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363

Product code: 3m 363

Manufacturer: 3M

Package size: Length: 33m

Shelf Life:

Strong and flexible, our 3M™ High-Temperature Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363 consists of an aluminum foil, glass cloth backing combined with a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive. Ideal for use as a protective wrap for heat-sensitive cables and other instruments exposed to movement and vibration. Commonly used in aerospace, automotive and general industrial applications.


  • High tensile strength, glass cloth reinforced foil tape offers puncture, fracture and tear resistance
  • Performs continuously over a wide temperature range from -65°F/-54°C to 600°F/316°C
  • Light and flexible construction easily conforms to curved or irregular surfaces
  • Thermally conductive and reflective backing assists with heat shielding
  • Pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive adheres to difficult surfaces, including silicone


  • Heat reflective wrap over insulation cables, instruments or other high temperature-sensitive materials
  • Ideal for industrial applications that will be exposed to movement and vibration
  • Bundling wire harnesses
  • High temperature/performance applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial industries
Property Value
Adhesive Silicone (transparent)
Approximate Weight 0.0057 g/m/24 mm
Backing Aluminum foil laminated to glass cloth
Color Silver
Total Tape Thickness 0.19 mm

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