3M Double Coated Tissue Tape 90775

Product code: 3M 90775

Manufacturer: 3M

Package size: 12mm x 0.8mm x 50m

Shelf Life: 12 months

3M 90775 is a tissue tape with both sides with a high adhesion acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. This tape is protected by a poly-coated white paper release liner
with a blue 3M logo printed. It features dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die-cutting and laminating because of non-woven with high tensile strength. 3M High-Performance Acrylic Adhesive provides high bond strength on many kinds of surfaces.


  • 90775 provides excellent initial tack and adhesion to a wide variety surface including many low surface energy plastics.
  • This tape has a non-woven carrier which can add dimensional stability and also makes it easier to handle the tape during punching use and die-cutting.


  • General purpose joining and mounting application at indoor and outdoor use
  • Holding and bonding of electronic parts
  • Electronic Components Bonding / Attachments
  • Appliance parts attachments
Product 90775
Adhesive Type High Performance Acrylic Adhesive
Tape Thickness 0.08 mm (±15%)
Tape Color Off-white
Carrier Tissue
Release Liner Silicone treated Poly Coated Kraft
Liner Thickness 0.135mm (± 10%)
Roll Size 1200mm wide 50M, 100M

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