t-Global T68 Artificial Graphite Pad

Product code: T68

Manufacturer: t-Global

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  • Ultra high thermal conductivity,electrical conductivity and EMI shielding effect
  • Flexible, and bendable
  • Ultra thin
  • Low mass
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low thermal resistance


Mobile phone, Laptops, Set-top box, LED back light, PDP/LCD/OLED screens Ultra bright LED, Digital camera, Digital video camera, NIC, Projector, Handheld device etc.


Properties T68 Unit Tolerance Test Method
Thermal Conductivity

XY axis: 1500

Z axis: 5




AC calorimeter

Laser flash

Thickness 25 μm Micrometer
Color Black Visual
Flame Rating V-0 UL 94
Thermal Diffusivity 8.5 cm² / S +/-0.5 AC calorimeter
Density 2.1 g / cm3 +/-0.1 Archimedes law
Electrical Conductivity >13000 S/cm JIS K7194
Bending Test 10000 times
Working Temperature -40~400 °C AC calorimeter
Heat Capacity (SHC) 0.895 J/g-K


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