Speakers are nowadays the electronic device found in every consumer equipment. Apart from the home entertainment market for conventional speakers, Bluetooth speakers and surround sound systems, there are a variety size of them used in planes as well as automotive.

In addition to designing to an outstanding product, effecient production is crucial for a speaker manufacturer to stay ahead of its competitors. Adhesives play an important role in this, but the potential they offer for increasing productivity has yet to be fully realized.

For a basic loudspeaker, adhesives are used in almost components from small dust cap to magnet and T-york. Generally, total solutions for speaker assembly could include:

◾️ Gasket Ring to Surround

◾️ Voice Coil Wire Termination

◾️ Cone to Dust Cap to Voice Coil

◾️ Cone to Surround to Chassis/ Frame

◾️ Cone to Surround

◾️ Spider to Chassis/ Frame

◾️ Cone to Voice Coil

◾️ Top Plate to Chassis

◾️ Magnet & Plate Assembly

Unique Solutions to Specific Applications:

◾️ Voice Coil Winding: requires low penetrative viscosity for good coverage and good sound quality

◾️ Wire tacking: Fixture the cable/wire to cone with our Instant Adhesive

Loudspeakers are complex assemblies that rely heavily on adhesive technology to attach multiple parts together. Significant variation in substrate combination, geometry, and performance criteria require a wide range of adhesive technologies to be used. Pros Technology is well placed to offer solutions for all loudspeaker applications.

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