Anaerobic adhesives are one-part adhesives that cure on active metal surface in the absence of oxygen in the bond line. In general, these products help to reduce maintenance and leakage to help keep machines running efficiently.

Anaerobic Adhesives are often identified by the job they perform, including:

♦ Thread locking

♦ Thread sealing

♦ Retaining compounds

♦ Gasket makers


♦ Provide the strength or flexibility to resist shock, vibration and impact loads

♦ Provide insulation to resist corrosion when bonding two different metals

♦ Variety of surface preparation, open time and strength-build times

♦ Pipe sealants inhibit leaks by preventing fluids from migrating along thread fittings

3M Scotch-Weld Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesives are one-component anaerobic adhesives that cure and seal threaded assemblies that meet a wide range of applications to prevent vibration loosening and/or leakage. All products provide excellent vibration, corrosion, and shock resistance. Engineered to provide different strengths, temperatures, nut/bolt sizes, and other requirements, some threadlockers allow removal and meet various selections depending on the specific application. FEATURES: 3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Threadlocker TL22 is removable with hand tools. It is a low strength (low torque removal) threadlocker for small diameter, ...
Titan 8222 is a single component, medium viscosity anaerobic threadlocking adhesive, which develops to medium strength. Titan 8222 is used to lock and seal nuts, bolts, and studs in a wide variety of applications where removal with ordinary hand tools is necessary. This product is also used for mounting bearings, bushings and other shaft related applications. FEATURES: Medium strength threadlocking Color: Yellow Viscosity: 80 Gap Fill: 0.003" Set Speed: 10 - 20 minutes Torque Range: 50 - 75 Breakaway 20 - 60 Prevailing APPLICATIONS: Lock and seal nuts, bolts, and ...
Titan 7271 is a single component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive develops high strength. Titan 7271 prevents loosening and leaking of threaded fasteners. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications where high levels of shock, vibration, and stress are present. FEATURES: High strength, medium viscosity threadlocker Color: Red Viscosity: 300-700 Gap Fill: .007" Set Speed: 15 - 20 minutes Torque Range: 140 - 320 Breakaway 200 - 400 Prevailing APPLICATIONS: Heavy-duty applications where high levels of shock, vibration, and stress are present.
Titan 7243 is a single-component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive. It is thixotropic and develops medium strength. Titan 7243 prevents loosening of threaded fasteners, and is suitable for applications where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing. Titan 7243 is a surface-insensitive product and works effectively without primer, as well as on oily or otherwise contaminated metal surfaces. FEATURES: Medium strength threadlocking Color: Blue Viscosity: 1500 - 3000 Gap Fill: 0.007" Set Speed: 15 - 20 minutes Torque Range: 120 - 170 Breakaway 40 - 100 Prevailing APPLICATIONS: Prevents loosening of ...
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