Anaerobic adhesives, sometimes called threadlockers or retaining compounds, are one-part adhesives that cure on active metal surfaces in the absence of oxygen in the bond line. The requirement for lack of oxygen means these chemistries do not bond well to glass, plastic or rubber. These products reduce maintenance and leakage to help keep factories running efficiently.

Depending on the function and applications of anaerobic adhesive, they are divided into 4 main groups. Click on thumbnail to see the list of product.

Useful Information

What is retaining compound?

Retaining compounds is a type of anaerobic adhesive, fill the inner space between components and cure to form a strong

THREAD LOCKER – Eliminate fastener loosening because failure is not an option

Traditional fastening methods leave gaps. Click để xem bản Tiếng Việt MATERIALS FROM: LOCTITE THREAD LOCKER MXLOC THREAD LOCKER THREAD

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