Packaging and Palletizing Automation

Robotic integration system

Pros Technology provides reliable automated robotic palletizing system. Robotic integration system using variety KUKA robot products can handle wide range of product in many industrial. The solutions can adapt to high speed production, high payload upto 1300 kgs, it is complete integrated end-of-line systems. With more than 10 years in factory automation design and vast experience in conveyors system, we can provide the reliable robotic solution for your packaging and palletizing application. 

Advantages of Palletizing solution with robot KUKA

• Improved Operations

• High capacity

• Saving labor cost 

• Low Maintenance Cost

KUKA robot models 

KUKA offers a comprehensive range of palletizing robots – for palletizing and depalletizing applications with payloads from 40 to 1,300 kilograms and reaches of up to 3,601 millimeters.

Palletizing robots for medium payloads up to 40 kilograms
KR 40 PA
Palletizing robots for high payloads up to 240 kilograms
QUANTEC series
Palletizing robots for heavy loads up to 700 kilograms
KR 300, KR 470, KR 700
Palletizing robots for heavy loads up to 1,300 kilograms
KR 1000 titan


R&D team working for simulation plant

To see KUKA robot in action, please watch any of the videos below.

Boxes Palletizing

Bags Palletizing

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