Product code: MXBON 401

Manufacturer: Cartell

Package size: 20g

Shelf Life:

MXBON 401 is a general industrial grade Cyanoacrylate adhesive with fast setting, and good flow ability. It has been specially formulated to achieve the strongest possible bond between well mated, non-porous surfaces, such as rubber O-rings as well as other rubber and plastics parts. MXBON 401 is a one-component, solvent-free system and does not require the use of a catalyst, heat or clamps. When a thin layer of MXBON 401 applied between two surfaces comes into contact with atmospheric moisture, a rapid polymerization occurs producing the ultimate bond.


Base  Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Color Transparent, colorless to yellowish liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25ºC  1.10
Refractive Index (n D 20) 1.439
Vapor Pressure (hPa)  < 1
Viscosity (cP),25℃  75– 125

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