MXBON 21435

Product code: MXBON 21435

Manufacturer: Cartell

Package size: 20g

Shelf Life: 12 months

The Mxbon® 21435 is α-cyanoacrylate adhesive, and it is rubber toughened formulated with increased flexibility and peel strength. It also enhances resistance to shock. It will highly polymerize with moisture in the air for a fast cure and meet the highest industrial standards.


  • Not contain solvent and use in demanding applications where exceptional performance characteristics are required
  • They include resistance to most types of environmental exposures, moderate heat, aging and many different chemicals, as well as high strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Single component system and does not require heat, mixing, clamps and the use of a catalyst
  • When a thin layer of Mxbon® 21435 applied between two surfaces comes into contact with atmospheric moisture
  • It is attractive not only technically but economically.
Base Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate
Appearance (Uncured) Transparent, colorless to yellowish colored liquid
Components Single part – requires no mixing or heating
Specific Gravity @ 25℃ 1.1
Cure Moisture
Application Bonding
Viscosity @ 25℃ 100-250 (ISO 3104/3105)
Service temperature range 54~107℃ (-65~225℉)
Full cure (hours) 24

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