Masking solution


Many processes, such as conformal coating and wave soldering, demand the protections and masking of the PCB, the specific “lands” and also its components. Masking provides the temporary cover shield for contact pins and connectors to keep away conformal coating materials. Masking materials also provide short-term high-temperature protection from molten solder to 515ºF (268ºC)

Our masking solutions are available in both standard dispensable liquids, in paste form and also special “tapes” to form any masking requirêmnts for auto and manual applications.  All products are non-flammable, non-contaminating and will not leave ionic or corrosive residue

The benefits are:

  • Short tack-free dry time
  • Easy to use — just peel off dried masking agent
  • Masking material is compatible with flux systems and stable with cleaning solvents
  • Superior strength and elongation; can stretch to five times cured length without breaking

Examples of Applications:

  • Ideal for protecting contacts during wave soldering
  • Use as a protective mask during conformal coating process for switches, pins, posts, contact and edge connections\

Please see our masking product