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How does Two-component (2K) Meter-mixing and Dispensing System work?

There are many different metering and dispensing systems available today, which all satisfy the needs of different types of tasks.

Sealing Battery Pack between Upper Case and Lower Case

Why Battery Pack Sealing? Achieving a quality seal is critical for the performance and longevity of EV batteries and for

Automated Dispensing System Construction for Single Part Liquid

Productivity and Efficiency are the two keywords that many industrial manufacturers are pursuing. Automated Dispensing System is designed to prove

Camera Modules Manufacturing Applications

The rising demand to miniaturize camera assemblies and increase reliability requires manufacturers to find the suitable adhesive material for their

EMI Shielding solution in Electronic Devices

  Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, 5G Devices, Light-weight Electronic Devices.     With the increasing number of wireless devices, designers

Electrically Conductive Adhesive

What is Electrically Conductive Adhesive? Electrically Conductive Adhesive applied in high-reliability applications such as electronics, automotive, medical, and consumer products,

What are typical applications to produce a Smart Speaker?

Smart Speakers or Intelligent Loudspeakers are fitted with a voice assistant and have a wide range of useful capabilities. Possible

What is Busbars and How it benefits EV Battery Modules?

WHAT IS BUSBAR? Battery is the heart of an Electric Vehicle. However, it is the battery that comprises the most

5G Smart E-Vehicle Solutions

Indispensable Specialty Material and Manufacturing Solution for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Prostech is here to be an internal part

Low Pressure Molding – GLUMO Solution

Customizable LPM System meets your specific demand Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective: LPM Machine – LPM

Epoxies for food & drink applications

Working with epoxy offers a variety of advantages. The material is extremely flexible and can be used in many areas.

How to choose the right Adhesive/ Bonding Material?

The more type of adhesive technologies are invented, the more difficult it is for manufacturers to make decisions. To choose

Electric Motors – Total Solutions to optimize reliability and production cost

Electric motors, through technological advancements, are becoming smaller and more efficient, creating new challenges for manufacturers using these devices in

Filter bonding – Adhesive, Applications and Technologies

As the filter market continues to experience steady growth, it’s important for filter manufacturers to understand the important roles of

Automated Potting and Encapsulating System

Potting or encapsulating is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with usually a thermosetting compound (as epoxy, silicone,

Plasma Surface Treatment of Electronic Appliances

1. Conformal Coating Pretreatment Conformal Coating is nowadays known as the effective method for protecting Printed Circuit Board from adsorption

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