Machine LM1100

Product code: LM1100

Manufacturer: Lamieux

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  • Horizontal LPM LM1100 injection machine, assembled with world-famous automation parts.
  • 1-Liter melting system with air pressure injection in order to maintain stable flow per shot, and reach the continuous production.
  • LM1100 has Module design for entire parts, for easy error identification and repairment.
  • LM1100 is standardized mold design, for easy engineer development and tooling setting by operator.
  • Customized design for cable and small part molding.
  • LM1100 is equiped with number counter.
Item Specification
Tank Capacity 1 Liter
Max. Melting Rate 2.5 Kg/HR
Max. Operation Temp. 250 ℃
Max. Closing Force 50 Kg
Air Pressure 5~6 Kg/cm2
Max. Viscosity 20,000 CPS
Nozzle Quantity 1 Set
Size(L*W*H) 440*360*510 mm
Weight 40 Kg
Power 1100 Watt
Power Requirements AC 220V/6A 50/60Hz 1.0Φ

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