Flux-Off VZ ES6200

Product code: ES6200

Manufacturer: Chemtronics

Package size: 12 oz / 340 g aerosol

Shelf Life: 5 years

Flux-Off VZ Flux Remover ES6200 is a highly effective cleaner for removing rosin-based fluxes from electronic components and assemblies. The non-ozone depleting Verizane solvent system utilizes Vertrel Specialty Fluid from Dupont to quickly removes flux without harming sensitive materials.


  • Quickly removes all rosin-based flux residues
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Leaves no residues
  • Has low odor
  • Penetrates tight tolerance areas
  • Also removes oil, grease, and ionic residues
  • Contains no CFCs, HCFCs or
  • 1,1,1 Trichloroethane


  • Flux-Off VZ Flux Remover ES6200 eliminates flux residues and cleans:
  • Through-hole Circuit Boards
  • Surface Mount Pads
  • Chip Carriers
  • Ball Grid Arrays
  • Switches
  • SMT Components
  • Metal or Plastic Housings
Boiling point 95°F 
Evaporation rate (butyl acetate=1) >1
Flash point (TCC) None
Specific gravity 1.24
Appearance Clear, Colorless liquid
Odor Ethereal
Solubility in water Negligible
(KB) Number
Surface Tension 19
(dynes/cm @ 25°C)
Shelflife 5 years

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