AEPT Flame Plasma AFP-250S

Product code: AFP-250S

Manufacturer: AETP

Package size: 1 unit/box

Shelf Life:

The AFP is Flame Plasma equipment designed for the surface treatment and surface cleaning through almost complete combustion of LNG or LPG by using compressed air. Especially, this equipment has been designed for the operator to adjust the amount of gas and air to get needed flame. A broad variety of designs which selectively uses LNG or LPG allows for an easier adjustment to the operator’s environments.


  • Specialized in large-area products and wide film processing
  • There is no difficulty in its application due to the design change and installation option selection at the request of the customer
  • Economical
Needed Electricity 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A, Earth connection
Needed Air pressure 3 Bar (CDA 99%)
Electric Power Consumption < 1kW
Consumed Amounts of Air 50~200ℓ/min (200mm per burner)
Consumed Amounts of Gas LNG : 5~20ℓ/min (< 0.3Kgf/cm )
LPG : 2.5~10ℓ/min (< 0.3Kgf/cm )
External Dimension 600(W) × 272(D) × 800(H)
Weight 50 Kg
Length of Hose Standard 3m (1~10m Optional)

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