3M AC77 Scotch-Weld™ Instant Adhesive Primer

Product code: AC77

Manufacturer: 3M

Package size: 2 FI oz. /59.1 mL Bottle

Shelf Life:

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Instant Adhesive Primer AC77 is designed for use on difficult-to-bond low surface energy plastics. Surface preparation and application are straightforward and the adhesive primer is fast drying to keep jobs moving quickly.


  • Improves adhesion on rigid plastics, including low surface energy materials
  • Fast drying to keep jobs moving quickly
  • Contains cure accelerator
  • Straightforward surface preparation and easy application


  • Apply primer to all difficult-to-bond plastic surfaces
  • Allow solvent to dry completely
  • Promptly bond with a 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ cyanoacrylate adhesive

3M AC77 Adhesive Primer

Color Clear
Solvent Heptane
Appearance Liquid
Specific Gravity (g/ml) 0.7
Viscosity <3


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