Photosensitive Adhesive (including UV Adhesive) Applications

To meet the application trend of photosensitive module industry, the encapsulated photo-curing compound for PLCC and CLCC was launched. There are more and more products developed for the structural assembly of sensor modules to satisfy the need of applications.

These photosensitive adhesives can be listed as follow:

1. Quick setting UV adhesive

2. Low-shrink photo-curing cation resin

3. Light-activated reheat-setting Hybrid epoxy

4. Low-temperature 700C-800C curing resin

5. Black UV and heat curing epoxy cation resin

There are some significant applications especially using photosensitive adhesives:

1. Water-proofing lens bonding for the lens industry (camera industry)

2. Bonding for the filter lens an lens mount (camera assembly)

3. Bonding for the structural lens mount and circuit board of Camera Module

4. Focus Setting after Inserting lens into Lens Mount_AF Thread type

5. Focus Setting after Inserting lens into Lens Mount_AA Thread-free type

Besides, photo-sensitive adhesives are also used in sensor chip module industry, including:

1. Bonding for the PLCC, CLCC industry

2. Bonding for the Finger Print Identifier Industry – Resistant against high/low temperature, moisture corrosion, salt fog corrosion

3. Packing for the bio-medical sensor industry

4. Application in Security Monitoring Industry

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