Printed circuit board protection

Our product line of circuit board protection materials, such as: conformal coating, low pressure molding,  sealant potting, and encapsulant material solutions for PCB manufacturing, is formulated to insure total environmental resistance with thermal cycling protection.

Since many applications expose PCBs to harsh environment, these attributes are critical to durability and product performance. Utilizing proper circuit board conformal coating, potting and sealing materials, ensure that PCBs are protected from thermal shock, moisture, corrosive materials and a variety of other adverse conditions to support stability and long working life of the product. Long product life cycles are extremely important in harsh marine, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics applications.

♦ Conformal coating materials

We provide solvent-free, low-VOC conformal coating materials to ensure clean and environmentally safe processes. Our UV conformal coating materials as well as our efficient UV curing systems facilitate the manufacturing  process. There are no delays waiting for “tack free” conditions on substrates. As a result productivity is increased.

♦ Low pressure molding materials ( LPM)

In terms of encapsulant solutions, low pressure molding technology (LPM) provides powerful protection for a variety of applications. LPM process can be used to either entirely “encapsulate” over mold the PCB or only partially over mold some critical areas. The short molding cycle time (roughly minute or so)  can easily support high production requirements. Over molding, with these thermoplastic hotmelts, utilize extremely low pressure to effectively encapsulate even the most delicate circuitry. Molding cycle time is faster than potting and processing temperatures are a modest 130 to 240°C, with in-use temperatures ranging from  –40 to +140°C

♦ Potting-Encapsulant 

Potting encapsulant compounds are used to provide mechanical reinforcement to a variety of assemblies within a housing, to fill large voids, and also to protect components from the exposure to chemicals, moisture, mechanical shock and vibration. In addition, thermally conductive potting compounds and diversity CTE materials can applied on  heat generating components with no worries of cracking and overheating.

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