Product code: 13567

Manufacturer: Cartell

Package size: 50 ml

Shelf Life: 12 months

MXLOC Pipe Sealant is a single component, solvent free room temperature cure anaerobic adhesive. It is designed to maximize efficiency. It cures on metal substrates in the absence of oxygen. The MXLOC Pipe Sealants are designed for metal-metal bonds. which are resistant to shock and vibration. The result is a seal that is inert to hydrocarbons, most acids, solvent, steam. It replaces traditional PTFE tapes and dopes.

MXLOC​ 13567 is designed for the sealing and locking of metal fittings and pipes. The product is a single component anaerobic, thixotropic, acrylic based product. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents leakage and loosening from vibration and shock.


  • Sealant, especially pipe sealant



Chemical Type

Methacrylate ester


Off-white paste

Components One component – requires no mixing
Viscosity High
Cure Anaerobic
Secondary Cure Activator
Application Thread sealing
Strength Low

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