Momentive TSE322SK Silicone Adhesive

Product code: TSE322SK

Manufacturer: Momentive

Package size: 1 kg can/ 333ml cartridge

Shelf Life:

TSE322SK is a one-component heat-curable silicone adhesive which cures rapidly at elevated temperatures and adheres to a variety of substrates without the use of primers. TSE322SK has high elongation which helps absorb stress.


  • One component product – no mixing required
  • Fast cure at elevated temperature
  • Primerless adhesion to many types of substrates
  • High elongation
  • Non-corrosive to metals and sensitive substrates
  • Excellent dielectric properties


  • Automotive Electronics Bonding/ Assembly
  • Sealing and component fixing
Uncured Properties
Appearance   Semi-flowable, white
Viscosity (23 °C) Pa·s 220
Cured Properties (cured 1 hour at 150 °C)
Density (23 °C) g/cm³ 1.24
Hardness (Type A)   25
Elongation % 440
Tensile Strength MPa 3.2
Adhesion Strength MPa 1.8
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 2.6
Dielectric Constant (60Hz)   2.9


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