Momentive RTV157 1K Silicone Adhesive Sealant

Product code: RTV157

Manufacturer: Momentive

Package size: 0.09 kg Tube

Shelf Life: 545 days

RTV157 is one-component, ready-to-use, high strength silicone rubber adhesive sealants. They cure to tough resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. 

RTV157 sealant is paste consistency products which can be applied to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces in applications requiring high strength and temperature performance.


  • High strength
  • High temperature performance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • One-component
  • Room temperature cure
  • General primerless adhesion
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent weatherability, ozone, and chemical resistance
Uncured Properties  
Consistency Paste
Color Gray
Application Rate, g/min. 155
Specific Gravity 1.09
Tack-Free Time, minutes 45
Cured Properties  
Tensile Strength, kg/cm² (lb/in²) 72.1 (1025)
Elongation, % 825
Hardness, Shore A 28
Shear Strength, kg/cm² (lb/in²) 17 (95)
Peel Strength, kg/cm (lb/in) 10.7 (60)


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