Momentive InvisiSil IVSD3208 Silicone DAM

Product code: IVSD3208

Manufacturer: Momentive

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InvisiSil* IVSD3208 Silicone DAM is a one-component, high viscosity, heat-curable white silicone that may be considered for use as a dam of multichip LED modules(Chip On Board). This product cures quickly with heat and adheres well to a variety of substrates without the use of a primer.


  • Ready to use: one component and supplied by syringe
  • High viscosity, thixotropic consistency
  • Excellent adhesive properties: primerless adhesion to many types of substrates
  • Non-corrosive to most metals


  • LED Package
  • Chip On Board (COB) LED
  • Industrial application
  • Sealing and adhesive between plastics and metals/ceramics in various parts
Uncured Properties  
Appearance White, Paste
Viscosity (23ºC) 670
Cured Properties (1h @ 150ºC)  
Appearance White, rubber-like
Density (23ºC) 1.08
Hardness (Type A) 53
Tensile Strength 4.4
Elongation 390
Adhesive Strength 3.4
Volume resistivity 1.0×10^15

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