Hexagon Captura 322/432/542

Product code: Captura 322/ Captura 432/ Captura 542

Manufacturer: Hexagon

Package size: 860×639×1650 / 1000×767×1650 / 1140×818×1670

Shelf Life:

Captura is one of Hexaon Vision product line, with good performance and better price in the entry level market. Captura supports multi-sensor measurements using the Vision sensor, laser sensor, confocal sensor. The basic machine with vision sensor can be expanded with all the available sensors. The dynamic machine concept offers a high positioning accuracy and is designed for fast measuring point acquisition and high-performance vision capturing. Measurement software is Metus, which is a Hexagon owned software with more friendly interface and flexible operation mode.


  • High precision granite construction to ensure long-term stability.
  • Three axis full servo closed loop control system;
  • Grinding grade screw drive, accurate positioning, high motion accuracy
  • High resolution color CCD; High resolution 1/1.8-inch CMOS camera (H 1280 x V 1024 pixels) with Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Customized CNC zoom with 6.5X Magnification and 10 steps
  • Magnification:25*215 (24’’ Screen)
  • Navigator system
  • Resolution of the scales : 0.4 um
  • Illumination for Vision sensor
  • Parallel LED backlight
  • 6-rings & 8-segment LED ring light (white LEDs)
  • Coaxial LED top light(optional)
  • Joystick


  • Keyence sensor
  • Omron confocal sensor


Widely used: glass panel industry, automotive parts industry, aerospace industry, plastic and mould industry, PCB and electronic industry, medical equipment industry, watch industry, cutting and cutting tool industry, precision processing industry, jewelry industry, etc.

Model   322 432 542
Range X 300 400 500
Y 200 300 400
Z 200 200 200
Dimension(L*W*H) 860×639×1650 1000×767×1650 1140×818×1670
Exy Accuracy(μm) 2.5+L/200 2.5+L/200 3.0+L/200
Working distance(mm) 92 92 V
Plate load(kg) 20 20 20
Machine weight(kg) 350 400 450

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