Filter bonding: Adhesive, Applications and Technologies

As the filter market continues to experience steady growth, it’s important for filter manufacturers to understand the important roles of adhesive and the updated new technologies in order to chase and meet the market’s changes and challenges as well as end-users demand.

How Adhesives are used in filters:

Adhesives are used to construct the final assembly in air, oil, water, and HVAC filters. They laminate multiple layers of media together, improving the filter’s efficiency. Filter adhesives are selected based on the following criteria:

♦ Substrate type

♦ Fluid being filtered (hot air, fuels, lubricants, etc.)

♦ Service temperature range

♦ Adhesive application method

Key Applications for Filter Adhesive

Filter adhesives can be used in several applications including:

♦ Pleating/Stabilization: Adhesives keep the pleats separated to ensure uniform flow of the fluid and maximize efficiency and capacity. Spiral beads of adhesives are applied to stabilize the media during use.

♦ Frame Assembly/End Cap Bonding: Adhesives are used to bond the filter media to the frame assembly. This includes:

♦ Metal or nylon end caps for oil, fuel and water filters

♦ Plastic or metal frames for high-efficiency air filters

♦ Cardboard frame for HVAC filters

♦ Gasketing: Adhesives are used to bond rubber gaskets to the end caps, or a foam-in-place adhesive can be the gasket itself.

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