3M Electrical Tape 2131

Product code: 3M 2131

Manufacturer: 3M

Package size: 640mm x 33M

Shelf Life: 12 months

3M™ Electrical Tape 2131 is manufactured by coating a specially formulated and highly crosslinked silicone adhesive on a high temperature resistant polyimide backing film. It is typically used in electronic related applications to protect specific areas of a PCB during the wave soldering process.


  • 1-mil Polyimide backing.
  • Silicone adhesive.
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates, even at high temperature.
  • Very high cohesion strength.
  • High heat resistance up to a maximum temperature of 260°C.


  • Mask for protection of printed circuit board gold fingers during wave soldering or solder dipping process
Color Amber
Backing 0.025mm Polyimide film
Adhesives 0.03mm Silicone
Total Tape Thickness 0.055mm
Adhesion to Stainless Steel (72 hrs Ambient) 1.96N/10mm (min)

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