What is EMI and why manufacturers should care?

EMI Shileding Solutions

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a disruption from an external/ internal source. It specifically impacts an electrical circuit via either induction, electrostatic coupling or even conduction, likely hurting a particular device’s performance or causing it to fail altogether. EMI is also commonly referred to as RFI, or radio frequency interference.

Sources of EMI may include:

♦ Natural phenomenon (i.e., solar flares, lightning, etc.)

♦ Existing man-made devices (i.e., cell networks, microwaves, etc.)

The importance of EMI Shielding/ Eliminating

As technology has become an integral part of daily life, electromagnetic interference/signals have increased manifold. These invisible signals come from a variety of sources, causing major interference. These EMI signals can negatively impact other vulnerable components within a device and the surrounding equipment. This can lead to various problems in an appliance, ranging from weak performance to even permanent damage.

In the case of smaller-sized components that have faster-operating speeds, it becomes all the more difficult to limit the electromagnetic pollution they produce. To protect the components, proper shielding is needed to ensure the safe operation of the systems.

Therefore, EMI shielding is highly recommended to protect systems from intentional and unintentional interference. EMI is inevitable as it is intrinsic to electronic functions. But EMI shields can reduce the interference considerably.

Solutions for EMI/ EMC Challenges

EMI Shielding and grounding

♦ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes

♦ EMI Foil and Fabric Tapes

♦ Electrically Conductive Cushioning Gasket Tapes

♦ Natural Graphite Sheet

EMI absorption

♦ EMI Absorbers

♦ EMI Shielding Absorbers

♦ Flexible Absorbent Material

NFC, WPC and magnetic shielding

Near field communication (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless power charging (WPC) antennas often face unique interference challenges and can be optimized for performance using Flux Field Directional Material (FFDM) solutions. These low profile solutions can help improve WPC efficiency and NFC or RFID read ranges. FFDM solutions can also be used for magnetic field shielding to help protect sensitive electronics.

♦ Flux Field Directional Materials

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