Consumers expect their electronics to take a lot of abuse, yet device durability is ultimately.

Consumers expect their electronics to take a lot of abuse, yet device durability is ultimately about how well internal electronics have been protected. Destructive factors include:




Sand and dust


Vibration & Impact

Engineered solutions for these common hazards routinely use PCB protecting method to support the sensitive printed circuit boards (PCBs) inside devices.

PROSTECH is confident to provide the most appropriate protecting layer for any type of PCB

Conformal Coating

A thin polymeric film applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) to protect the board and its components from the operating environment and corrosion.


Potting & Encapsulating

Filling a complete electronic assembly with a liquid polymer compound which then harden to protect and improve reliability of this assembly.


Low Pressure Molding

An advanced method to take charge of this function with a gentle but reliable encapsulation around the electronic assemblies


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