PERMABOND ET510 Two-Part Epoxy

Product code: ET510

Manufacturer: Permabond

Package size: 50 ml

Shelf Life: 12 months

PERMABOND® ET510 is a two-part, 1:1 mixable epoxy adhesive. ET510 is a semi-flexible toughened epoxy adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of substrates such as wood, metal, ceramics and some plastics and composites. The product cures rapidly at room temperature reaching handling strength in 20- 40 minutes. Once cured, Permabond ET510 has good chemical and environmental resistance.


  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Full cure at room temperature
  • Easy to apply
  • High shear and peel strength
  • Good impact strength


  • Speaker Assembly: Bonding Voice Coil to Cone

Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive

  ET510A ET510B
Epoxy Resin Polyamine
Appearance Colourless Amber
Viscosity @ 25°C 14,000-28,000
mPa.s (cP)
Specific gravity 1.1 1.1

Typical Curing Properties

Mix ratio by volume 1:1
Maximum gap fill 2 mm 0.08 in
Usable / pot life @23°C 10-20 mins
Handling time @23°C 20-40 mins
Working strength @23°C 24 hours
Full cure @23°C 72 hours

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