Low Pressure Molding

As the electronics industry continues to grow, the requirement for electronics manufacturers to effectively protect the fragile parts that make up their products grows as well. As a result, Low Pressure Molding (LPM) has become an increasingly popular alternative to most traditional potting processes.

Low Pressure Molding can be applied in:

• Automotive industry

• Medical

• Military

• LED Lighting

• Industrial

• Consumer industries

See the LMP molding materials

See the LPM machine systems

This advanced method of electronic encapsulation is an “overmolding” process that involves less time, lower temperatures, and requires little pressure. Its followed by simple process in short cycles time to increase the manufacturing productivity. The system compact design increase systems mobility and easy to setup. 

“Sky Lining” protections allow use of less material, precise encapsulation and less weight. Complete watertight encapsulation for PCB. The LPM material fully meets UL 94 flame retardant certificate.


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