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PCBs right now play a particularly vital role in almost all industries because of the world trend toward electronization. From Telecommunication, Electronics, Transportation, Automotive to Aerospace, etc. 

The reliability and performance of a device lies in the effectiveness of PCBs in which processes in PCBs Cleaning, PCBs Assembly, and PCBs Protecting need to be conducted correctly.

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How to Solder Ball Grid Arrays

PCB assembly using ball grid arrays, BGAs requires a little more care as the contacts to be soldered are under

Desoldering Wick Application Guide

Solder wick, desoldering braid, or just “wick” are all names for a copper braid that is used to absorb solder.

Underfills for reinforcing Components on PCBs

What is Underfill?  Component underfill is a process in which a type of liquid material connects the chip to the

Solder materials for PCBs assembly

What is soldering in PCBs?  Soldering within PCBs is the way of joining components on PCBs surfaces by melting and

EMI shielding for better PCBs performance

  Why EMI shielding?  1. Definition  With the increasing number of wireless devices, designers are challenged with various electromagnetic waves

Thermal resistance and heat transfer in PCBs

  Why thermal management in PCBs?  1. Higher density of components in PCBs surface   The electronic industry field is

Methods of PCB cleaning in general assembly

PCB flux removal can either happen at the benchtop, which generally requires a manual cleaning method. This is common for

Materials for Printed Circuit Board Protection

PCB protection is one of the most important steps in the PCB assembly process, especially in the electronics field when

Materials applications for PCB assembly in Tablets/ Smartphones

PCB assembly for consumer products: Smartphones/tablets with thin thickness become mainstream at the moment. It means that PCBs in these

Solder materials for PCBs assembly

Solder Materials in general  Solder materials in joining components in PCBs play a crucial role in lower cost and increase

Materials for Underfill and Encapsulation for PCB assembly

Underfill Underfills can be used to help reinforce electronic components and minimize stress. They also offer excellent protection of solder

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