Moving toward a more reliable and effective Printed Circuit Board

PCBs right now play a particularly vital role in almost all industries because of the world trend toward electronization. From Telecommunication, Electronics, Transportation, Automotive to Aerospace, etc. 

The reliability and performance of a device lies in the effectiveness of PCBs in which processes in PCBs Cleaning, PCBs Assembly, and PCBs Protecting need to be conducted correctly.

Detailed Application

PCB Assembly

One-stop PCB Assembly Materials & Solutions Provider As an experienced solution provider of materials for use in joining technologies, PROSTECH


PCB Protecting

Consumers expect their electronics to take a lot of abuse, yet device durability is ultimately. Consumers expect their electronics to


Useful Information

EMI Shielding Materials and Mechanisms

Owing to the increasing use of electronic equipment, the shielding of other instruments and of human beings from electromagnetic waves

Thermal Interface Materials- TIMs basic guideline and their efficiency for PCB thermal management

Why is Thermal Management so crucial in Electronic packaging? Up to 55% of failures on electronic circuit boards are caused

UV Conformal Coating & Special Use in Automotive Industry

Conformal coating for PCB protection Newly manufactured and cleaned printed circuit boards will generally perform well electrically, but performance will quickly

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